Prior to founding RockDaisy, Chris Tanck and Elvis Pereymer spent a combined 20+ years leading the Data Products department at the NFL League Office. Their job was to aggregate and synthesize data on game stats, player contracts, player transactions, league financials, ticketing, etc., and distribute actionable information to various parties across multiple channels. For a couple of kids who loved football growing up, working for the NFL was a dream come true. But during their time there, they began to think of ways to improve the league’s data operations.

There were 2 specific challenges which Chris and Elvis wanted to address:

  • Each category of data is reported on a different platform. That means that if you want to access player contracts, you go to one platform. If you want game stats + video, you visit another platform. To access sports science data, a third platform. And on and on. While many interfaces were dedicated to capturing data, there was no optimized “one stop shop” reporting platform.
  • None of the platforms are user friendly. Most data platforms are far too complicated for a non-tech person to handle. Think about that for a moment: Say you’re a coach, scout, or executive in Player Personnel. You want to access multiple pieces of information for a particular player or team but you’re not especially tech-savvy. So what do you do? In many cases you have to get on the phone and find the nearest IT person to walk you through the platform as you reel off search parameters. Or worse, send an email with your criteria, wait for a reply, then go back and forth with any tweaks and adjustments.

In 2014, Chris and Elvis left the NFL to found RockDaisy. RockDaisy provides a single data activation platform which simultaneously connects to multiple sources of data. Coaches can access video to monitor in-game performance, executives can correlate player stats with the player contract breakdowns, and the sports science department can access and analyze their metrics.

All of the data is presented on a single platform, which makes accessing and sharing information seamless and hassle-free. If the General Manager needs to eyeball player contract information, or a scout wants to take a quick peek at the game tape, that information is right there at their fingertips.

But what really separates RockDaisy from the pack is its interface. RockDaisy’s product was designed specifically for the non-tech user, which means that anyone – from coaches to scouts to execs – can easily navigate the features and tools with very little training. No more IT requests for manual spreadsheets, PowerPoints or PDFs. RockDaisy puts the information you need at the tip of your fingers instantly. And the user interface grows doubly impactful as employees shift positions within the company; thanks to the platform’s simplified approach, transitioning employees no longer have to learn the ins and outs of a second or third internal platform, which saves a ton of time and productivity costs.

Since RockDaisy’s release, the platform has been licensed to a number of professional sports teams in the NFL, NHL and NBA, as well as to National Geographic and the world’s largest police department. Chris and Elvis take pride in their ability to make data more accessible and easier to work with, and are excited by the industry’s future potential.