RockDaisy, LLC is pleased to welcome Adam Virgile as an advisor to the company.

Former New York Rangers Sports Scientist and Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Adam Virgile is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) accredited by the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA). Adam is a subject matter expert in the areas of athletic performance and sports science. His passion for research and sports science led Adam to become the New York Rangers’ first Sports Scientist/Performance Analyst. Adam will be assisting RockDaisy’s Athlete Management System (AMS) product development team, with a specific focus on product design, features and workflows.

With over 10 NFL clubs partnering with RockDaisy, as well as numerous organizations in the NHL, NBA and MLB, RockDaisy is the fastest-growing data reporting and visualization platform in the Sports industry. The company’s Athlete Management System (AMS) provides sports scientists, trainers, and strength & conditioning coaches with all the tools they need to fully-evaluate player performance on and off the field.

We are proud to welcome Adam to our growing team, and look forward to improving what is already the most widely-used athlete management system in the NFL.


RockDaisy is a data visualization and reporting platform created by RockDaisy LLC. The platforms connects easily to several data sources, and provides rapid insights by transforming data into reports and dashboards that are sleek, customizable and interactive.