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RockDaisy AMS Setup Questionnaire

Athlete Details

How many athletes do you plan to be collecting data on?
Would you like to be able to send forms to your athletes via SMS, email, or both?
How do you categorize Athletes?

Please use our Roster Template to ensure correct format.

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Please check the items below you want us to track

Please only select the Forms that will be used to collect data manually. If you are using a Vendor for forms mentioned here such as Speed or Jump Data, select the vendor in the API / 3rd Party Vendors section of this questionnaire.
Body Measurements
General Data
RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion)
Do you want to use our Wellness questionnaire?
How do you track Lifting Maxes (1RM/3RM/5RM)?
How do you track Speed Data?
How do you track Jump Testing Data?

API / 3rd Party Vendors

Please select data that is tracked via 3rd-party vendors.
Please select any additional vendors that we integrate with

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