From high school to pros and everywhere in between, RockDaisy has you covered. The same developers behind RockDaisy’s superior Athlete Management System that’s been embraced by top sports organizations throughout the NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA, and NHSSCA have now tailored a system specifically for High Schools, Colleges, and Performance Centers.


$2,500 Annually

Pre-designed Dashboards
Templates you can Customize.


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Fully Custom, to
your exact specifications.

RockDaisy AMS Pro:

RockDaisy AMS Pro lets you harness the same cutting-edge technology that professional sports organizations have benefited from for decades with a hassle-free solution tailored specifically for High Schools, Performance Centers, and Colleges.

With this hassle-free solution, you can say goodbye to countless spreadsheets and logging into multiple systems, freeing up more time for coaching. Now, you can easily access, track, and analyze all your athlete performance data in one place. This ensures optimal results for your organization by putting performance data analysis at your fingertips. Focus on what truly matters-improving your athletes’ performance. Best of all, this out-of-the-box athlete management system is available at an unbelievable fixed price.


We invite you to experience firsthand how this system can revolutionize your coaching approach and elevate your team’s performance. Take 2 minutes to answer a few questions to help us customize your 14-day free trial.



Annual Cost




API’s/3rd Party Integrations

Out-of-the-Box Features:

  • Access to over 100 Data Entry forms for Speed, Jump, Lifting Maxes, and more
  • Strength and Conditioning forms
  • Access to over 25 configurable dashboard templates and reports.
  • Vendor API Integration: Seamless integration with 3rd party vendors that include GPS, Velocity Based Training, Timing Gates, Force Plates, and more.
  • Import Data from Excel/CSV Files
  • Attendance Tracker
  • Scheduler Feature: Send out questionnaires (e.g., Readiness/Wellness and reminders to athletes.
  • Staff Comments: Capability for staff to enter their comments on athletes for centralized collaboration.
  • Categorize Athletes by: Sport(s) Played, Position/Frame, Class Year, and more
    Athlete Login Capability: Allow athletes to log in and access their personalized information.
  • Export Dashboards to PDF & Excel
  • Accessible on all devices (Mobile, Tablet & Desktop)


Incremental Add-ons:

  • Each additional API Integration: $500 Annually
  • Each additional Athlete: $2 per Athlete per year (purchased in increments of 25)
  • Text Messaging for Athletes: Additional text fees apply.

RockDaisy AMS Enterprise:

RockDaisy AMS Enterprise leverages our deep background in building systems from the ground up. Our customization is unmatched but our gift for turning the highly complex into highly digestible is unrivaled. With the RockDaisy AMS Enterprise version, our sports data tech experts will work in lockstep with you and your team, share your goals, and fuel your resources. Unlike our competition, who outsources the building of their systems, we build your system to your unique specifications from the ground up, providing tech expertise that solves your unique challenges. You think it, we build it.



  • Full Platform Customization
  • Developer Toolkit
  • Embed into Existing web applications (if needed)
  • Cloud or On-Premise installation