Over the past decade, we as the founders of RockDaisy worked with prominent media and marketing clients such as J. Walter Thompson, Group M and the NFL. Their sponsorship groups were looking to track and monitor the digital ads on display in urban centers, concerts, sporting events and numerous other digital ad campaigns. Time and again, the firms relayed to us the challenges they faced when delivering solutions to clients.

Like any data provider, media management firms need to ensure that the information they present is clearly and succinctly delivered so that the average layperson can understand it. At the same time, clients benefit from an immersion in the real-world setting of their digital ads. Leveraging this holistic experience, clients can go beyond the numbers and observe how audience participation with their advertisements shifts over time. For example: do ads at a concert or sporting event appear during a big moment where audience attention is diverted, or during a lull in the action when audiences are more likely to view?

While Powerpoint and PDFs get the job done in terms of data delivery, they only go so far. A media management firm’s data presentation should be as dynamic as the changing media landscape they’re tracking and monitoring.

That’s where RockDaisy comes in…

Our platform delivers online reporting that combines analytics with creativity. RockDaisy can connect to third-party video providers and digital assets (produced by creative departments), which means clients can say goodbye to screenshots forever! End users can track the media impressions and audience views, and fully immerse themselves in their audience’s brand-engagement experience. And best of all, RockDaisy’s platform is mobile-friendly, meaning clients can check their analytics on the go, or receive alerts based on preset conditions.

In this day and age, data delivery needs to move beyond mere utility, and integrate the type of user experience that customers have come to expect from technology. RockDaisy is the data visualization platform for the iPhone Generation. Our platform is more intuitive, streamlined and flexible than the competition’s. We offer end users an experiential opportunity – don’t just look at your data, interact with it.

Digital media management can be a complex process, but delivering those solutions to clients should be straightforward and hassle-free. RockDaisy accomplishes this with simple drag-and-drop / point-and-click technology. Our platform was created for the non-tech user; anyone, even Executives and non-IT professionals can use RockDaisy with minimal training required. Our goal is to deliver data to the masses with the sleek appearance and functional ease that customers have come to expect from their tech products.

If it sounds to good to be true, it’s not! But don’t take our word for it… for a free demo or trial period, contact us today.

And stay tuned for our upcoming article on how RockDaisy can be utilized by internal creative teams to track and monitor digital ad campaigns…