August 3, 2023

Suntory Sungoliath’s head strength and conditioning coach, Sean Yoshiura, needed a way to customize the reports and dashboards his coaches relied on when evaluating player performance.

“When we monitor data, we want our players to know that we’re acting on the data that they input. We use that data to paint a picture of where the players are at — not only short term but long term to make better decisions — that is what we were searching for.”

Suntory Sungoliath tested many AMS options, but ultimately selected the RockDaisy platform for its unique combination of affordability, customization, degree of communication and support provided by the RockDaisy team, which enabled a seamless onboarding process.

Utilizing Multiple Tools

Coaches at Suntory Sungoliath rely on RockDaisy’s suite of  performance and data analytics tools to gain more athlete insights while saving hours of time.

Data Acquisition

Most sports equipment providers (wearables, force plates and many others) make the data they capture available through an API. (An API is an interface created by the equipment provider to enable you to extract your data.) With the push of a button Coach Yoshiura can collect and collate all data from vendor APIs into a single report or dashboard. No more spreadsheet or CSV uploads.


Before RockDaisy, Suntory Sungoliath’s sports scientists used Excel pivot tables to analyze data. RockDaisy’s data centralization and reporting platform saves hours, which means more time for coaches to focus on what matters—actual coaching.

“RockDaisy means less hours in the office and more time in the gym.”

— Coach Sean Yoshiura

Access & Customization

“RockDaisy is much easier and more efficient than the previous software we used.”

— Coach Sean Yoshiura

Prior to RockDaisy it was difficult for Suntory Sungoliath coaches to track retrospective data. They needed to know how player fatigue, sleep duration and body weight are improving or degrading over the long term. Those data points are hard to pinpoint in Excel and Google Sheets, but with RockDaisy player insights are just a few clicks away.

“We look at what time athletes went to sleep, woke up, and how well they slept. We then track that over time,” explains Yoshiura. “We discuss that with the players, and ways they can improve sleep quality, including the use of sleep monitoring tools.”

At Suntory Sungoliath, coaches have complete access to the RockDaisy dashboards, which are customized for their individual data needs. “We are not trying to overload them with data.” Yoshiura says, “We want to use the most meaningful data – things like training session intensity – to help coaches understand how this affects their overall objectives.”

With RockDaisy, making changes to dashboards couldn’t be easier.

“The coaches really enjoy using RockDaisy AMS.”

— Coach Sean Yoshiura

About RockDaisy LLC

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