March 14, 2024

Coach Cody Harvey, the speed and strength coordinator for the China Spring Cougars, encountered a challenge that many in his field are all too familiar with: the daunting influx of athlete data. Overwhelmed by the large amount of data recorded in Google Sheets, Coach Harvey faced a significant challenge when trying to connect all of the data points.

The fundamental goal of data collection is to uncover insights that drive actionable improvements. Recognizing this, Coach Harvey sought a solution to enhance his approach. He engaged in discussions with Coach Cody Corntassel, the Head Athletic Trainer for the China Spring Cougars, to address their data challenges. Based on these conversations, Coach Harvey decided to work with RockDaisy, aiming to better aggregate and visualize his athletes’ performance data.

More Data, Less Time

Coach Harvey’s introduction to RockDaisy came after encountering a tweet from a coach in Alabama, who praised the platform for its efficiency improvements and the actionable insights it offered. This endorsement prompted Coach Harvey to explore RockDaisy AMS as a solution to his data management challenges.

“We don’t want software that’s limited to just the weight room. We need a comprehensive repository for all our data.”

— Coach Cody Harvey, speed and strength coordinator for the China Spring Cougars

Upon contacting RockDaisy, Coach Harvey emphasized his requirement for a centralized platform capable of integrating all aspects of athlete performance data. “We don’t want software that’s limited to just the weight room,” he clarified. “We need a comprehensive repository for all our data.'”

RockDaisy turned out to be the perfect solution.

Coach Harvey was able to save time by automatically uploading all of the data points that he used to input manually into Google Sheets.

RockDaisy Data Entry Form Library

Automatically Sync Third-Party Data Sources using RockDaisy’s API Integration Library

Vertical jumps, side jumps, broad jumps, triple jumps, one-rep maxes, bodyweight changes, attendance records, five-yard, 15-yard, and 30-yard runs, and so much more. Coach Harvey was testing his 150 athletes two to three times per week. That’s a lot of hours simply logging the data, let alone visualizing it for analysis.

With RockDaisy, Coach Harvey and his team have streamlined the data management process, enabling automatic upload and centralization of data. This efficiency extends to data analysis as well, with intuitive dashboards and reports simplifying the team’s efforts to interpret their athletes’ performance.

“With RockDaisy, the insights are immediate. We can quickly assess the progress in our athletes’ one-rep maxes, observing trend lines in real-time. The platform’s superior computing power, compared to Excel and Google Sheets, allows us to visualize our data instantly, which is a significant advantage.”

— Coach Cody Corntassel, the Head Athletic Trainer for the China Spring Cougars

Chock Full of Features

According to Coach Harvey, the most significant insight they use is the week-to-week trend. They like to see how their players are improving in the short term. RockDaisy helps them visualize this information by automatically highlighting averages in green if they improve week-over-week, and flagging a personal record (PR) if the system detects one for that category.

Team View Over Time

Transitioning from manual processes, which are prone to human error, to RockDaisy’s automated system has been a game-changer for the coaches. By automatically identifying outliers and Personal Records (PRs), RockDaisy not only minimizes mistakes but also empowers coaches to refine their training strategies based on clear insights into what’s working and what needs improvement.

Moreover, RockDaisy’s capabilities extend beyond individual athlete analytics to encompass team performance tracking. When Coach Corntassel expressed the need for a customized template to monitor team performance, RockDaisy’s team demonstrated their exceptional customer service by developing the template on a zoom call.

Team View Multiple Metrics

One of the features Coach Corntassel  enjoys working with is the asymmetry test. He likes to measure the asymmetries—left side vs. right side—for every joint in the body. The China Spring coaching staff does this once a year, but the measurement provides a year-over-year analysis, so the coaching staff can understand whether they’ve successfully closed the gap on any asymmetries, and how that relates to injuries and rehab.

“If an athlete sprains an ankle, I want to know if next year that ankle is back to where it was, or is the injury further down?”

— Coach Cody Corntassel

For example, “f an athlete sprains an ankle, I want to know if next year that ankle is back to where it was, or is the injury further down?” Coach Corntassel can tailor the athlete’s rehab treatments based on the correlation between left and right-side asymmetries, and how effectively that athlete recovers from his or her injury.

Injury History Report

A Solution for Everyone

The benefits of RockDaisy are not solely recognized by Coach Harvey and Corntassel; the entire coaching staff values the platform for its contribution to their coaching efficacy. Utilizing insights from RockDaisy, coaches can now promptly identify players showing signs of fatigue by tracking dips in performance metrics, a task that previously relied on subjective assessments.

In the past, identifying fatigue was a manual and often challenging process, requiring coaches to rely on direct communication with players. However, athletes may be reluctant to admit when they’re underperforming due to fatigue. RockDaisy has transformed this aspect of coaching by providing objective data that facilitates more meaningful conversations between coaches and athletes. Now, coaches can approach players with concrete performance data, enabling discussions about fatigue and its impact on their performance in practice or games.

Wellness Questionnaire (send to athletes via txt message or email)

Coach Harvey and Contrassel publish leaderboards on athlete performance, so his players can see where they stack up on a weekly basis. As Coach Contrassel explains, “Our kids thrive on competition. They love to compete and see where they’re at. The data we collect from RockDaisy helps breed that healthy competition.”

“Our kids thrive on competition. They love to compete and see where they’re at. The data we collect from RockDaisy helps breed that healthy competition.”

— Coach Cody Corntassel


A Snapshot in Time

“RockDaisy gives us a snapshot in time of what’s happening in our program,” explains Coach Harvey.

RockDaisy enhances the support for coach and player performance, both on and off the field, by consolidating various data points through seamless third-party integrations. It simplifies data visualization with user-friendly dashboards and reports that can be customized with just a few clicks, enabling the quick and efficient generation of actionable insights.

“RockDaisy has been a real gamechanger for us when it comes to collecting data. It streamlines our data into a platform where its visual for our coaches, and helps our athletes compete at a high level.”

— Coach Cody Harvey

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