July 19, 2023

Coach Brandon Herring, S&C Coach at Hewitt-Trussville High School, saves over 10 hours a week using RockDaisy’s Athlete Management System (AMS).

Like many coaches and front-office staff, Coach Herring used Google Sheets to store and analyze data. “It was ok, in that I knew where all of my information was” reflects Coach Herring. “But it was bad because it was cumbersome to use.”

Coach Herring maintained different sheets for player attendance, body weight, speed, jump times, and other monitored metrics. “The more athletes you coach, the harder it gets to keep up with all of those things.”

Then someone told him about RockDaisy.

“When I saw a RockDaisy demonstration, a light bulb went off and I said, “that is exactly what I need.”

Saving Time—for What Matters

“For every five clicks using Google Sheets, it’s one click with RockDaisy.”

— Coach Brandon Herring

When using Google Sheets, Coach Herring would copy and paste the data, then sort it to find the min, max and averages.

The RockDaisy team was able to take Coach Herring’s Google Sheets and seamlessly integrate the data into the AMS platform.

(select any metric from list on left side to update report)

RockDaisy’s AMS is designed to be easily accessible for everyone. Simple, drag-and-drop technology enables athletes and coaches to enter and/or upload their data into the system, where it can be quickly analyzed. RockDaisy also enables easy upload of data from the most popular third-party vendors. (GPS, VBT, Force Plates, Jump Mats, Speed Trackers etc.)

RockDaisy integrated Coach Herring’s power Index formula, which performs a custom calculation to produce a score between 0 – 100. This custom calculation saves Coach Herring 15 minutes on a single metric.

Do that with four metrics a day, and you save one hour. That’s an extra hour per day Coach Herring gets to spend away from Google Sheets.

“I was a former college coach, and was missing a lot of my kids’ childhoods. I went into high school coaching to see my family more. The RockDaisy AMS helps me get home earlier so I can spend more time with my family.”

“The RockDaisy AMS helps me get home earlier so I can spend more time with my family.”

— Coach Brandon Herring

Customization for Coaches

RockDaisy lets Coach Herring sort athletes across various classifications, enabling him to grant access to coaches in ways that are most relevant.

Athletes are classified as Skill Players (WRs, DBs), Mids (TEs, FBs) Bigs (O line and D line),
Or by their specific position, which allows QB coaches to pull up data on all QBs.
Coach Herring can even sort by graduation year (senior class, junior class), to compare players across their age group.

“We’ve used this in parent meetings,” explains Coach Herring. “Parents might be concerned their son/daughter is not getting playing time. We can pull up attendance records and see their son/daughter has missed a certain number of practices, so we need to boost their attendance if they want to play more. This helps our coaches when interacting with parents.”

(RockDaisy AMS has multiple attendance report templates to choose from)

User-Recommended Features | Create Your Own Metrics

Coach Herring even suggested that RockDaisy team integrate the formula to replicate the 40-yard predictor, created by Coach Joe Stokowski of Grayson High School in Georgia.

The 40-yard predictor works off of 10 and 20-yard dash and fly times. Based on that data, Coach Stokowski generated an algorithm based on hundreds of studied 40-yard dash times which accurately predicts a player’s 40-yard dash time, which is the most sought-after metric relating to player speed. For a full explanation of the 40-yard predictor see Coach Stokowski’s article here

“All Key Performance Indicators are easier to track with RockDaisy.”

— Coach Brandon Herring

Coach Herring had an automated google sheet with training maxes. Prior to RockDaisy, he had no way of date-coding the information. But with RockDaisy, every athlete’s training max and personal record is automatically date-coded, so he can pull up a date range for any athlete and view their athletic progression.

“It lets you know where the athlete is, where they should be and where they are going.”


RockDaisy’s AMS provides athletes and coaches the opportunity to focus on the important parts of sports performance.

Coach Herring relies on the platform’s design simplicity, ease of use and customization options to achieve better results in less time.

About the Hewitt-Trussville Huskies

Located in Trussville, Alabama, Hewitt-Trussville High is one of the leading high school football programs in the country, acting as a feeder school to many top universities across the United States. The Huskies play in Region3-7A, which was pre-season ranked #8 in the country in 2023 by High School Football America.

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