Data analytics covers everything from Big Data to machine learning to AI to plain old data aggregation. If you’re a data analytics professional looking to network on LinkedIn, there are tons of groups to choose from, so it might be a bit overwhelming trying to decide which ones to join and spend your time on.

Being in the data analytics industry, we at RockDaisy have spent a ton of time sampling all the different LinkedIn Groups (well, the most popular ones anyway), so we thought it might be helpful to shed some light on the variety of data analytics groups that are out there, so you can maximize your time online.

Just to be clear, this is NOT a Top-5 List. This is a list of 5 very different data analytics groups on LinkedIn. While there definitely is some overlap, each group focuses on a unique section of the expansive Universe that is data analytics.

Big Data and Analytics

The name of this group says it all. The group focuses on the hot trend of Big Data, although other aspects of analytics, such as machine learning and AI are covered as well. At over 300,000 members at the time of this writing, the group size is massive, which means there is always a steady stream of articles, news, current events, company updates, and just general industry discussion going on. A must-join for any Big Data nerd.

Data Science Central

Full of regression models and decorrelation techniques, this group is not for the faint of heart. As part of the community, the group’s focus is on ‘on data science, machine learning, AI, deep learning, dataviz, business analytics, predictive modeling, big data, Hadoop, IoT, decision science, and BI.’ Make sure you know your stuff before joining, otherwise most of the posts in this group will fly right over your head.

 Data & Text Analytics Professionals

A group for people interested in data mining, data visualization, text analytics, text mining, and advanced customer segmentation. While highly specified, this niche group focuses on some core aspects of analytics that are integral to any proprietary software platform (such as RockDaisy’s, for example). As a data mining and visualization company, we love checking out the useful tidbits this group has to offer.

Big Data / Analytics / Strategy / Finance / Innovation

This group sits at the intersection of analytics and business. Here you’ll find a steady stream of posts referencing the uses of Big Data, machine learning, AI, VR, and other innovative technologies by companies large and small. The group claims to specialize in ‘the information needs of the most influential leaders in business, with focused channels for the CFO, CTO, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Digital Officer & Chief Data Officer.’

People Analytics: Data Driven HR

Every company needs to focus on HR at some point. This group sheds light on how professionals and thought leaders in HR analytics, business insight and data science can incorporate analytics into something that has long been considered totally subjective: Recruiting and managing people. The group offers creative insights into how to use HR data in Employee Engagement, Strategic Workforce Planning, Talent Management, Business Insight, Resourcing and countless other fields.