We all need to network, but most of us can’t stand networking events. The last thing you want after a long day of work is to make small talk with a bunch of strangers over expensive drinks, until you collect enough business cards to feel that you’ve accomplished something… all so you can finally head home without feeling guilty.

If only there were an easier way—

Enter LinkedIn Groups.  LinkedIn Groups are essentially industry-specific networking events, minus all the hassle of the actual event. No going out after work, no expensive drinks, no awkward chit-chat. With LinkedIn Groups, you can discuss the latest industry trends, share updates about your company, and connect with peers and colleagues, all from the comfort of your living room.

At RockDaisy, we use LinkedIn Groups all the time. So we thought it might be fun to share our favorite LinkedIn Groups for sports technology. If you’re in the same industry we are, be sure to check these 5 groups out.

So without further ado…

Sports Techie

A ‘positive, proactive and socially aware Sports Technology group,’ where users are encouraged to add ‘comments, thoughts, company, products, jobs, event, projects, and any other Sports Tech related subject, content or trend.’ This group is a terrific resource for anyone looking to sample sports technology on LinkedIn.

BrAnd Group

While not wholly devoted to sports tech, this group does cover the industry through the lens of brand innovation, design and style. According to the Group Admin: “We spend our time outdoors and participating in action sports. Technology is shaping our culture and the youth are the future. This group brings all of these things together on Linkedin and allows for a collaborative atmosphere in which to discuss.”

Wearable Technology Professionals Network

Wearable tech is the latest craze in the world of sports, so no sports tech professional’s LinkedIn page is complete without joining a group devoted to the subject. This particular one covers wearable gadgets such as Smartwatches, fitness trackers, sensors, connected data, and bionic AR. And it’s large enough to have a constant flow news updates that will keep you current on industry trends, as well as fascinating articles that you’ll want to share with your friends.

Sports Performance Technology

A small but focused group on how technology enables sports performance. The Group Admin has been working in the fitness, performance and wellness arena for the last 15 years, and utilizes this group as a platform to bring together ‘professionals that use technology to get the best out of a team or business.’

International Sports Technology Association (ISTA)

This group’s ‘About Us’ section says it all: “This is the community outreach for professionals who are interested in the field of ‘sports technology’. Our goal is to create the recognition you deserve for your company or your career. We are the worlds leading professional association dedicated to the field of ‘sports technology’ effecting recreational, amateur, or elite professional sport.”

** Pro-Tip: This group is carefully moderated, so be sure to read their communication standards before posting, otherwise your post might be deleted and you might be kicked out of the group!